We Will Never Forget

Planes and falling towers
Hot ashes mingling with tears
The silence of a shocked nation
So many gone,
So much lost
And we promise

We will never forget

But how long until
It’s just a fact and we
Watch our children
Memorize the date
For a test
9/11 just think nine-one-one
And how old are we
Going to be before


Recede into our rocking chairs
And slowly lose that
The scene of a deteriorating ideal
Our grandchildren can’t
Know just how it felt
To lose your faith in the world
The pain the anger
Just as we


Not know Pearl Harbor
And how long will it take
For the two sisters
Crumbling into each others’ embrace
To fade into the grass
Our children won’t
Understand until
They grow to adults
And watch it all happen again
And till then they’ll


Realize that history
Is not just a class

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