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The first day of eighth grade, I met a girl who liked the Beatles. She sang and played the piano and had a huge peace frog sticker on the back of her wheelchair. She was way too cool to be friends with me. One day I found myself standing in the lunch line next to her and we started talking about Obama and how we wished we could vote and how nice it was to finally meet another liberal. She said she had thought I was too cool to be friends with her. One year later, I found myself sharing a locker with her in high school.

Hey this is Anna, new phone number. So I was just ruminating… and I was thinking about how you said on awards night that I had changed your life. Continue reading

Times New Roman

Where has it gone?
The passion, the love, the creativity
Turned in with every 3am analysis paper
I ever wrote
I can’t think except in Times New Roman
Font size 12
Double spaced
Inch-wide margins

Unabridged Late Night Conversation

Wait, I already read that.

Don’t worry, you feel like that a lot when you’re reading that book.

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The Lone Trumpeter

feet firm and apart
shoulders back
eyes closed
lips to metal
and then –
The note.
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